Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Image from Today

Today, I was walking from a hospital on my way to a meeting at the Regional Health Authority. I turned the corner at the Military Fort Museum, and I saw what looked to be a man with fabric flowing down from his waist, held onto his body with some rope tied around his midsection. It looked like he had a cape on his waist - but covering the backside, not the front. As we got closer to each other, what I thought was his display of the full monty was correct. There he was, with his backwards loin-cloth, just walking down the street with his junk hanging out, as if nothing was weird about this.

Maybe it's me - is there something weird about this? I mean, this is the equivalent of a guy walking naked through Times Square or Wall Street. Oh right, the "Naked" Cowboy - but at least he wears underpants and boots.

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