Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thougths from a Health Care Data Collector in the Center of Kumasi

1. Kumasi, well, Ghana for that matter, needs to sell caffeine, in some other form than Coca Cola. I'll drink instant (gladly?) if it was more available.

2. There are few shoe stores here. Shoes are lined up on the curb, one of the pair, and advertised that way. And this type of selling is everywhere - I mean, how many loafers and sandals can a guy own? Out of the dozens of people I have seen selling shoes on the street/curb/out of basins on people's heads, I have only seen shoes sold in a permanent space twice.

3. I met a local foodie - this guy is awesome. Every day we talk about food, how to prepare dishes properly, and how to "take" them nicely (read: eat well).

4. Everyone should read "The Lost Continent" by bill bryson. It is awesome.

5. One of the few vegetarian snacks sold here is called Rock Bread. There are also Rock Buns. Who names a food after a hard object (here, try my specialty, cement stew)? In case you are interested, rock bread is a fried corn muffin with mild flavoring.

6. I finally found wheat bread - it is twice as much (two cedi, as compared to one) as the fluffy white bread of little nutritional value and substance, and weighed about 3 kilos. But it is wheat bread!

7. I bought oranges this weekend. I was really excited as I peeled one, because it revealed a pink flesh, and I was expecting to have something that tasted like pink lemonade, a mild blood orange, or possibly a grapefruit. After I got off the ruffage, I took a bite of a slice. How shall I describe this? It wasn't gaggingly terrible, it wasn't terrible. It actually had little flavour, but the flavour it had was off-putting in its subtleness. I even tried putting sugar on it, and no dice. What a waste of 20 cents.


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Jen Pehr said...

i mean instant coffee. not just any instant caffeine. unfortunately, i am not savvy enough to figure out how to edit the actual blog entry, and only can manage posting a comment. cheers